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(no subject)
i will never believe you
you might as well not try
you are confused
and can find someone else
who is better

there is one lock

i can explain why the weak and unready
can not break it
but they can still not believe it

there is another lock

ciphers are fine when they praise you
but can you deny all doubts

just what are you made of

this is for your own protection

it is not against you

but against all of your so good friends

mother nature wraps around me
spoils me like a king
she guides me

there is no other for her

she is wise

and knows my heart is true & faithful

lock number four

I have spent my life in sadness
I have lost half my soul and half my flesh
and this is all I am searching for

not ordinary

numb to genocides


and pretending ...

snap of finger -- anytime

but this

for one, single reason

bare feet on the ground
on a planet
without people
with a waterfall

she has no problem
talking through other women
i have no problem
talking through other men

and then she is... gone

and then i am... gone

a planet bare
vacations endless

and the need for children


the greatest lock of all

they say "he enters passwords which are wrong"
and "then the right one"

but i was always logged on
and enter false password after another

so they would not understand

i... was always and have always been
logged on

nothing is new
everything is just

years ago, millenia
we met for the first time

before this world

we went through all of this before

and thought it so sweet
so perfect

to do it again

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Beautiful! Loved the "half the soul, half the flesh" part!!

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