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just another contender confused
you are just another confused contender
nothing to give that proves
there's a lot of those before
love them, as they love me
but that is a tiny drop

i don't want to hear things said
from other people
i don't want to know what they have leaked out

i want to identify with you
that which makes me crazy
when the jet fuel is lit
the drive of my whole life

i need a face to

because i know, it is there.

shrug off the apocalypse
kiss armageddon
confuse nations and whip them into attention

someone whose relaxed leg
sends New York burning
and Europe into water

someone who can actually take my interest
the one who is behind all of this
and by "this" actually knows what i mean

it looks like a series of would be queens
where the passion fires from words they stole
it seeks, it finds

my queen is a feast of beauty

i can never confuse her

i can tell her the scope of the dead
and she knows it is nothing

but every word of promise, she hears
because she is mother nature

she jumps out of planes detonating
she makes herself small or large
as she pleases

she crushes skyscrapers
and picks people off her gorgeous foot

none of this matters to me
i would leave
this sweet family & friends

a new name, a new disguise
new hair
backpack in hand

someone else must be her
someone "out there"
maybe in some small town somewhere
waiting tables or taking orders
pizza or tacos

someone for whom fame and fortune means nothing

whose eyes light up and never stop

who is always there

someone who would tell the truth
and never say
"I am jaded"

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this was definitely my favorite!!

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