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my girl
my girl
reads all the signs
she understands
music & movies

she knows her names
"Mother Nature"

and has no problem believing

everything is in her imagination

i am hers & she is mine

she can cause hurricanes
just like me

or turn water into wine

if i lay here, if i just lay here
i can see in her clear eyes
past & forward

she always watches me
and i always watch her
she is old like me
and i am old like her

we made this horrible story
she was told the bad news
and came running
too late

we are not like anyone else
we came from before

from an age before mankind
from a different place
before the children who were welcomed

in a place very different

our sense of time
separates us
from everyone else

we were friends
a very long time ago
there is nothing which has happened
which we did not agree to
for the simplest thing of all


all of my life, i have searched for you
but you have