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I don't believe you
Every fraud, every lie, everyone has said everything
Why should I believe you?

I smile, I am nice, I tell my true feelings
but I look at the ticket in my pocket

These are the people who lied to me. These are the people who ripped
my heart out. These are the people who continue to.

the noise is too much

masks & lies

looking for one person, anyone can see this
maybe it is the one i am with
maybe someone else

that is the one i have to find, that is the pursuit of my life
nations on fire
i have no care

it is one person i am looking for

no idea how to find her

intellect or strength? sweetness or passion? Is it one who surprises
me with my own strong feelings?

is it understanding? someone who can tell me who i am and what i am thinking?

my central clue is the most simple of promise
but now that everyone knows this
how can i find her

and if she does not care, if this was some ticket to throw to the ground...

i did not even know her... so how did i know her so very well

but maybe it was someone else
maybe she was just another signpost on the highway

this one is big and powerful, she controls events
she lifts her hands up
and the winds wrap around her

she gets what she wants

i am tired of her children


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